Are we civilized enough already?

1 Oct

In today’s world where kids are taught in kindergarten not to fight over seats, benches and such petty issues, we forget to understand that they’re just copying their elders…..on domestic level, we see our elders quarrel over property, assets….on national level, we witness politicians and states disputing over river water, dams, electricity, religion….internationally the scenario is no different…Nations as great as (so called) the USA, China, Russia fight over sea, land and even air but still expect smaller nations like Eritrea, Nigeria, Ethiopia to solve their issues across the table and not through violence. Is fighting with hands, bats, knife, swords, guns, missiles the only options to solve disputes….If the law does not justify kids fighting, citizens murdering to settle can it justify spending billions on defence under UNPRODUCTIVE heads and still justify it in the era of civilization and reaching the state of being developed. Are we still to living  in the era of soldiers, knights, missiles, bombs as no law of the land prevails? Today we have all the laws but the very presence of oppression by the mighty and suppression of the weak under silk laws of agencies like UN raises doubts as to how many more sons, brothers, husbands and sometimes even citizens have to die for this unproductive series of fights and greed?

Hello world!

1 Oct

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